Some Cartoons I've Saved

Since I was in law school I’ve been saving cartoons into an album.  There are a hundred or so of these, but I thought you might enjoy some of my favorites, which I've reprinted below.  If you left click on any one of them you can see an enlarged version. I’ve added commentary to a few of them.

The Perfect Crime:

This next one has always seemed haunting to me.

And what does this next one mean?

I have quite a history with the next one.  I was in Montreal and saw this Italian cartoon in an exhibit.  I was quite taken with it, so I wrote the artist and asked if it had been printed in a magazine or somewhere so I could have a copy.  He sent me back a letter in Italian along with an original of the cartoon.  The letter, once translated, advised me that the cartoon was mine for $100.00.  This was in 1971 when that was a great deal of money.  So I sent it back to him, with regrets, and added that I still thought it was a brilliant cartoon (just the sort of idiocy municipalities are capable of), and I congratulated him on creating it.  He then mailed me a copy of the cartoon with no further explanation, for which I was very grateful.

And, finally, a favorite among favorites:

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