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Bad News: Civilization Will Collapse By 2100

Climate change, of course, will deal the fatal blow, and no one who has looked into the data doubts it. Globally 110 million tons of man-made pollution are produced daily (something our planet hasn’t experienced since three million years ago when the earth was boiling).  In the recent bestseller “The Uninhabitable Earth---Life After Warming” author David Wallace-Wells walks the reader through all the horrors that are already building and leads us to the obvious and terrifying conclusion: civilization will collapse by 2100 and the humans that are left will be warring tribes.  All of this can be prevented only if the entire population of the earth, as a unity, takes major preventative steps in the next twenty years . After twenty years it will be too late to stop the coming nightmare.  The book is terrifying to read but it’s not dull: a real page turner listing how we got here and the horrors that are just over the hill.  Be warned that once you read this book sleep