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When Lawyers Fail Their Clients: My Cork Floor Litigation

Even though in theory I’m retired from teaching law, this spring I’m finishing up my 41 st year of being a law professor at The Ohio State University (and my 47 th year in this profession overall) by conducting a course in the law of Sales.  One of the classes I now schedule as part of the course is a detailed exploration of an actual lawsuit that I filed right here in Columbus, Ohio, in the Municipal Court in 2014 involving my purchase of cork flooring materials for my condominium.  I use what actually happened as a practical lesson in the lawyering of a dispute over the buying and selling of goods.  It teaches, I believe, a valuable lesson about the difference between conducting a lawsuit and finding justice for the parties involved.  My conclusion is that in the end the lawyers look bad and the lawsuit was a waste of time for everyone involved.  As someone we all know tediously says, “Sad.”  Read what follows and judge for yourselves. In 2011 I decided