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My Prediction for the Amazing Election of 2020

        In my life I’ve usually been properly labeled as an optimist but during 2020 I’ve flipped into a pessimism so dark that it’s been hard to find any light in the world.   The coming presidential election was going to pit Donald John Trump against whoever the Democrats chose, and when my favorite candidates dropped out, one by one, only Joe Biden was left standing.   That didn’t look good for defeating Trump, and my pessimism turned darker.   Then in mid-March I flew to Las Vegas to visit my sister and while I was there the pandemic suddenly changed all our lives dramatically and for the worse.   My flight to Vegas was routine, but the flight home was filled with paranoid people eyeing each other suspiciously and hoping no one would cough or sneeze.   It happened that fast.    So we all cancelled our plans and hunkered down.   We, the good citizens, bought masks and learned to observe social distances from each other.   Both my husband David and I are in high risk categories,