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The Cock Goes Up the Brain Goes Down—Stupidity in the Workplace

One of my favorite comedy routines is Bill Cosby’s “Chickenheart.”   It is magically funny and when I first heard it in my 20s I laughed as hard as I ever laugh.   Even after repeated hearings over decades (I introduced my son to it in 1976 and he loved it) it remained a comedy favorite.   Listen for yourself: .   But once Cosby was accused by 58 women (to date) of sexually abusing them (typically by drugging their drinks and then making love to their limpid bodies) I dropped my attachment to “Chickenheart.” Its humorous bubble had burst and this once funny routine had no appeal shorn of the innocence that made it so endearing.    I’m a liberal Democrat and I’ve admired Al Franken first as a very funny member of Saturday Night Live and then as an enlightened politician working hard to

When My Family Turned Into a Criminal Gang: Charleyne’s 70th Birthday

Charleyne Fitzgerald and her son Clayton Whaley In this blog I’ve often written posts about my fascinating ex-wife Charleyne (see Recent Posts below).  We were married in 1971, had one son, Clayton Robert Whaley, and, sadly, divorced in 1976 when I finally faced the fact that I was gay.  We’ve always been great friends, and that is true to this day when she is married to her high school sweetheart, John Fitzgerald, with whom she reconnected at a reunion some five or six years ago.  Clayton is now married to Maria, and they live in a suburb of Seattle. Clayton and Maria vacationing in Australia Charleyne turned 70 on August 7 th of this year (a Sunday) and Clayton and Maria decided to have a birthday party in her honor, so Charleyne and John flew there from Indianapolis, their home, and David and I made a couple of horrific connecting flights from our home in Columbus to be there for the whole weekend.  Charleyne and her husband John at her party

I've Published Another Article: "An Atheist Interviews God"

Free Inquiry Magazine, published the Center for Inquiry, is the leading Humanist publication in the United States.  I am pleased that this month’s issue (December 2017/January 2018) contains an essay I published on this blog in 2011.  It is the second piece I’ve published with Free Inquiry , the first being “Creating the Bible: Water Into Wine,” .   A third article is scheduled for publication next year.  My latest article is below, with pictures added from the original 2011 post.                                                AN ATHEIST INTERVIEWS GOD Atheist:  I know you rarely do interviews, so thanks for sitting down for this one. Let me start by asking if there's really such a thing as a hell where sinners writhe in eternal damnation? God:  (Laughs)  Oh, my heavens, no!  It’s been pointed out that no fair deity would send Gandhi to hell just because he wasn't a Ch