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What My Knees Have in Connection with Bernie Sanders' Candidacy

I retired from fulltime teaching in 2004 right before I turned 60, and since then I’ve taught, typically, one law school course a year.  I have seven textbooks that I need to keep up to date (and co-authors now on all of them, which was not true in the beginning), and it helps to teach from these books and see what changes time commands.  But last year and this I’ve taught two courses in the spring semester, which is a full load for a faculty member, and I am now 76 years old.   What was easy 50 years ago (when, of course, I was 26 and first started teaching law) is now problematic.   Last spring the two courses were spread over four days, but this year they are both on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, one at 10:30 in the morning for 50 minutes and the other (by coincidence in the same classroom) at 1:30 in the afternoon.   My office is on the third floor, the classroom on the second, and the elevator is on the opposite end of the large law school building.   Sin