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I’m in Favor of Prostitution

Recently New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with a misdemeanor for two counts of soliciting prostitutes when he visited the “Orchids of Asia” massage parlor in Florida.   This is a big scandal!   How dare this man seek out sex with prostitutes, actually paying money for sex! Hmm.   Well, Kraft’s wife died eight years ago.   He’s 77.   He has sexual urges.   What is the man to do?   Masturbate for the rest of his life?   Try sleeping around with friends in Palm Beach?   That is a major hassle, and at his age is an iffy proposition taking much time and effort, as any bachelor knows.   All the poor guy wants is a sexual encounter without complications and for a remuneration he can well afford.   For this Robert Kraft faces public humiliation, a criminal record, and possible jail time. Ah, but you say, these were poor Asian girls, likely victims of forced sex work, not willing participants in a commercial transaction.   If that’

Two Gay Men Watch the Superbowl

I was reared in a sports family, played some sports myself, and follow the Chicago Cubs, and the basketball and football teams from Ohio State, Maryland, and Texas (all schools where I either work or which gave me a degree).  My husband, David Vargo, is the opposite.  When we first got together over six years ago he knew nothing about sports and wasn’t keen to learn.  But he joined the chosen family I have here in Columbus, Ohio, and they are all sports fans (a little nuts for the Buckeyes) so David gamely learned something about baseball, basketball, and, most importantly in Columbus, Ohio, football.  We have the chosen family over for lots of the games. Our Chosen Family Celebrates a Buckeye Victory David and I at the Blackout Game The first year he was here we went to the famous “Black Out” game at the Horseshoe in Columbus when the Buckeyes had the crowd dress all in black to defeat Penn State in a freezing night game.  So, now in our seventh