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Advice on Starting a New Job

.   When one of my nephews recently completed college and found a terrific new job, I sent him an abbreviated version of what follows.   This is in line with other posts on this blog in the past, such as “How To Impress People In a Conversation” (see Related Posts below).   When I took my own first major job my father gave me three pieces of advice that I thought I'd pass on with the hope that it will help anyone trying to put a steady foot on the path to success. Here they are:   1. Be worth more than your paycheck . If your performance is clearly of a caliber that you're being underpaid for the great effort you're putting out, you're much more likely to be noticed and promoted. An employee who is clearly valuable is likely to be offered a better job if he/she is currently not being paid enough.   If other potential employers are sniffing around you, make that known to your bosses too, which can lead to a promotion and/or raise (unless you don't want to

Mitt Romney, Leveraged Buyouts, and Morality

  This past summer I taught a course in Debtor-Creditor Law at The Ohio State University using the textbook I wrote on this topic with Professor Jeffrey Morris of the University of Dayton Law School.   The first chapter the book covers “fraudulent transfers,” which means various devices used by debtors or creditors to work fraud on others (such as competing creditors).   The chapter ends with a discussion of leveraged buyouts as fraudulent transfers. A leveraged buyout (LBO) is a controversial method of acquiring a corporation. Suppose you are a savvy investor who comes across an ailing corporation. You believe that if you could take over the corporation you could provide sufficient clever leadership so as to restructure it and make it profitable. You decide to purchase controlling stock in the corporation, but there’s one difficulty: you’re unwilling to risk much money. Undaunted, you persuade the current owners of the stock and a local bank to cooperate in the following suspic

Doug Update: Health, Acting, Book Readings, and Snowbirding

Just a general report on current activities and plans:   Health:   Many people have kindly enquired about my health, given that last year I nearly died and there were a number of posts about that (see below).   Since July of 2011, however, my health has been perfect, and I have no complaints at all.   I’m back to a steady workout, the biopsies on my heart have all been terrific, and for a man about to turn 69 (yikes!) this month (September 25), I’m in great shape.   Thanks for your concern.   I plan to be around for decades.   Acting:   I’ve accepted the part of Max, the crazy head of the household in Harold Pinter’s famous play “The Homecoming,” which will open at Columbus Civic Theater on October 18 th and run for four weeks (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights at 8 pm, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sundays).   Tickets can be reserved by calling the theater at (614) 447-7529 or on CCT’s website:   The picture below is from CCT’s product