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Gay Rights in the Trump Era: The Bad and the Good

While (inexplicably) there really are gay Trump supporters, their backing cannot come from what his administration has done for gay people; it must come from believing that his actions on the economy and particularly things elevating the upper class make up for his disdain for the LGBTQ agenda.   I suppose if they’re wealthy enough it doesn’t matter to some gays that Trump will destroy lots of other values they should treasure. Yes, Trump actually has some gay friends. Years ago he attended Elton John’s wedding and commented that all people in love should be allowed to get married.   But it's not an issue on which he has strong feelings, and, of course, he does need to keep his base happy if he’s going to be reelected.   Thus whenever anything gay arises that his administration must deal with, the gays are dumped without a thought.   Transgendered people in the military?   They’re out—too expensive to pay for all those operations.   Fede