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Telephone Trees and Other Horrors of the 21st Century

I will turn 75 this September so, readers, let me take you back to a world from the last century where things worked like this:   1.   When you called the phone number of a business or governmental agency a real person answered your call and promptly directed you to the appropriate area of the entity.   This real person spoke English in a clear fashion and could be reasoned with if there was a problem.   I know this is hard to believe, but try. 2.   Life did not revolve around a little machine that you were required to carry with you at all times lest you miss important messages (emails, texts, popup warnings) or be stranded without entertainment.   If you were going to be detained and wanted something to amuse yourself you carried a physical book.   I know this sounds crazy. 3.   You were not exposed to unwanted advertisements in every direction you turned and particularly not when trying to do something important like seeking help in an emergency or trou

Has Trump Taken Over the Supreme Court?

No.  Not yet.  But he’s close.  It was always improbable that this overblown ego-driven man would run for president, win the office, and then let go of his controls (if there were ever any) completely.   Biographers of his presidency all concur that Trump himself was very surprised by winning.   His original plan was to lose and then capitalize on his loss in big financial and superstar ways.   But win he did!   And, in spite of a wife who only married him for his money and wept when she learned she would have to be the FLOTUS (a term she had to learn as one of many in any immigrant’s struggle with the complexities of the English language), Trump was delighted by the opportunity to run the world!   What a coup! The man doesn’t play by the rules.   He never understood them.   He doesn’t want to understand them.   For Donald J. Trump it’s okay to be someone who routinely takes advantage of others.   A few bad almost-broke periods aside, DJT has always had mone