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The Thrill of My Life: My First Play Will Have Its World Premier Next Month in Columbus

Starting with preview performances before audiences on Wednesday and Thursday, October 16 th and 17, and with an official opening night on Friday, October 18 th  , my play “The Turkey Men” will have a professional production as Evolution Theatre Company’s final show of its season here in Columbus, Ohio.   Information about the play, including cast and crew, can be found at . In a prior blog I reported the circumstances that led to the creation of the play [see “ My First Play Will Be Produced Next Year ,” May 29, 2018; ]. That post describes the play in some detail, but, briefly, it is a comedy/romance that deals with a serious subject.   I had learned of two Civil War soldiers who met at Camp Chase, a prison in Columbus for Confederate captives, with one guarding the other, both quite young.   Suddenly the war ended in 1865 and the one f