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Everyone Should Read Anonymous’s “A Warning”—An Insider’s Look at Trump’s White House

“A Warning,” is a best-selling book is written by an anonymous member of Trump’s inner circle, and all Americans should read it.   The author particularly aims the book at fellow Republicans and asks them to look at it carefully.   I want to second that. Anonymous, who recently promised on Reddit to reveal his/her identity soon, has been one of the members of the Trump White house since the 2016 election.   He/she wrote an anonymous op-ed article for The New York Times editorial page in September of last year.   It was entitled "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” and said that while Trump himself is out of control there are members of his administration working hard to restrain his worst impulses and keep the country from disaster.   It finished by comforting readers with the thought that “adults are in the room.”   The article made Trump furious, demanding the name of the author from The New York Times, which refused to cooperate.