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How To Have a Playreading at Your Home and Turn Your Friends Into Actors

Since I was in high school I’ve always used playreadings as my primary social event when gathering friends together.   Many people would love to try their hands at acting, and if they can easily read out loud and have a sense of fun, then I suggest you invite them over for a playreading in your house at a scheduled time and date. Here are the steps I go through when I invite you for one of my playreadings: 1. Choose a Play.   The first time you do this, and for most of the subsequent times, choose a light comedy.   These playreadings are for fun only, and no one pretends that high art is expected to occur.   Instead the goal is lots of laughter.   After all, at my playreadings alcohol is served.   Years ago there was a great older woman named Kitty who was one of the regulars at what came to be called performances by “The Whaley Players.”   She was very good at playing her various parts even though she drank quite a bit.   As the reading reached near the end she’d start

Just Published: My Novel “Corbin Milk,” a Thriller Detailing the Adventures of a Gay CIA Agent

  After years of working on it, I’m proud to announce the publication of my thriller “Corbin Milk.”   The novel concerns the adventures of a gay CIA agent, a good-looking and very smart bodybuilder named Corbin Milk for whom the CIA finds the most interesting uses. I got the idea for writing this novel while reading an article in The Advocate , the news magazine of the gay community. The article concerned an anonymous Army captain who was riding slowly through the streets of Bagdad on a tank during the liberation of that city when he locked eyes with a handsome Iraqi man standing on the street. Though it could have gotten them both in major trouble with their respective communities, the two men had a great times thereafter on a number of occasions. Surely, I thought, the CIA would see possibilities in the fact that gay sex is very far off the radar in a heterosexual world. In that world men and women are constantly aware of sexual tensions between two straight people, no matte