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10 Years Ago I Had a Heart Transplant!

                           Last Saturday, November 23 rd , was the tenth anniversary of my heart transplant.   I’ve told this story before on this blog, so this will be a recap of those posts with some added details and updates.   The whole experience has been like science fiction. I keep thinking the more time that passes since this miracle occurred will make it seem common place to me, but no. It still fills me with a wonder that is growing instead of decreasing. What an amazing world we inhabit in the 21st century. Off and on I'd had an irregular heartbeat all my life, as had my mother. I'd assumed this was fairly common, but I was wrong. A cardiologist later told me that only about one percent of humans have such a problem. It never seemed to bother me much. When working out with weights, for example, if my heart became too erratic, I'd simply pause for a minute or so until it kicked back into a more normal rhythm. Whaleys are famous for ignoring import