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The Sad History of the 2020 Election and Swearing in of the New President in 2021 (A Maybe-Not-So-Far-Fetched Fable of the Future)

In the first three months of 2020 the presidential race narrowed down to President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden, and polls seemed pretty close as March began.  But then, of course, the coronavirus erupted overseas and quickly spread across the globe and that changed everything, including the race. As the world locked down and people were confined to their homes while civilization collapsed around them, things began to look pretty bleak on many levels: health, economics, access to services, basic survival, and so much more.   Death tolls rose dramatically and the victims were often the elderly and/or those with pre-existing health problems.   I myself was particularly worried since I turned 77 in 2020 and, having had a heart transplant eleven years ago, took daily medication to lower my immune system so it wouldn’t reject that heart. Predictably Trump, handling the virus crisis in his usual bumbling fashion (going from “it’s a