Atheist Magazine Publishes a Third Comic Article of Mine

The leading atheist magazine in this country is Free Inquiry, put out by the Center for Inquiry in association with the Council for Secular Humanism.  I have been a subscriber for many years and when I published my atheist thriller “Imaginary Friend” I became friends with the editor, Thomas W. Flynn (a great character, fun to know).  When I first sent him the column below he asked that I expand it and when I sent him the newer version he liked it a lot.  He told me one of my changes made him laugh so hard a coworker stuck his head in Tom's office to ask if he was all right.  What author wouldn't want to hear that?

Tom Flynn

I have written three short comic pieces (all of which had their first appearance in this blog and then were rewritten for the magazine), and the most recent of these just hit the stands.  Here is what “What Did the Lions Eat on Noah’s Ark?” looks like in the February/March 2019 issue of Free Inquiry, Vol. 39 #2 (click to enlarge):

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