In 2008 I published my first novel, “Imaginary Friend,” a thriller, and it sold well.  The reviews on Amazon are splendid.  I went around the country (and, via the internet, even to Nottingham, England!) giving readings from the book.  Much happens in my thriller.  It begins at halftime during an Ohio State football game when a terrorist bomb explodes, killing thousands.  Franklin Whitestone, a lawyer, is trapped in the debris overnight, but becomes an instant celebrity the next morning as excavation opens a hole in the wall and 53 people escape while Franklin heroically keeps the gap from closing.  That very night on a national TV call-in show he is asked by one caller if God aided him during this rescue, and he (having had a bit to drink before the show) replies that he didn’t need an “imaginary friend” in a situation where the terrorists used their version of God to justify setting off the bomb.  This stupid response causes a different kind of explosion.  Franklin risks being fired from his law firm, losing the woman he loves, his family is attacked, and a religious extremist vows to make him choose between conversion or a truly ugly death.

I wrote “Imaginary Friend” because I was astounded at how casually atheists are discriminated against at a time when other minorities are championed by those who care about the rights of others.  Atheists are unpopular and, in many situations, hated or persecuted.  Franklin Whitestone is a nice guy, funny and loving.  What happens to him should bother anyone who cares about how we treat each other in a fair society.  But the novel is much more than that.  There is quite a bit of humor in it, a wide variety of characters, as well as a number of action sequences (and some violent—very violent—encounters).  It is a thriller and moves along at a fast pace.

Recently I have made minor changes to the book to adapt the action to the world of 2021.  Most importantly there is now a terrific audiobook available via Amazon and Audible.  David Allen Vargo, a professional actor (and, as readers of this blog may know, my husband), has created over forty voices for the characters and brings my thriller to life in an amazing way.  This is the eighth audiobook that David has voiced, and the reviews on all his Audible books are outstanding.  Go to his very interesting website at to hear five short excerpts from various parts of his recording of “Imaginary Friend” entitled:

1. Mother Knows Best

2. Kidnappers Gun Show

3. End Game

4. Lawsuits

5. A Neighbor Comforts

Also there you can hear clips from his other eight books as well as read his reviews.

If you want to purchase the audiobook I can get you a free download of the book (assuming you are a member of Audible).  I have 25 of them to give away, so let me know if you want one. The written version of the book can be ordered on Amazon either as a paperback or downloaded in a Kindle version.  If interested, send me an email at with the heading "Audio Book Promo."  After the first 25 are given away I won't have any more to distribute free and you would have to purchase the audiobook on Amazon and then download it.

If you aren’t a member of Audible ( you can join with a free 30-day trial period during which you can order audiobooks (via Amazon) and redeem the free download (you don’t have to listen to it during the 30 day period).   

Finally, if you do read the book or listen to audiobook, please take the time to write a review on Amazon or Audible.  Those reviews are important in making a success of this book, which both David and I are so very proud of.  And, if you get a chance, look carefully at David’s website.  I promise you will find it fascinating.


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