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Since last spring I have been doing book readings from my atheist thriller “Imaginary Friend” in front of various atheist/freethinker/humanist groups in both Ohio and Michigan, but this past Sunday morning I performed the same reading on the air!  I was invited to be the only guest on KTNF in Minnesota for the weekly morning Atheist Talk radio show put on by Minnesota Atheists.  Both of the hosts, Carl and Brianne were terrific, and after the show they each wrote very helpful reviews of “Imaginary Friend” for my novel’s listing on (where it’s available in both a paperback and Kindle version).  Their picture is below, and I thank them for their efforts on behalf of my novel.  The sales in Minnesota picked up dramatically as a result.
Carl and Brianne of Atheist Talk Radio
If you’d like to hear the audio version of the show in which I perform the readings (in multiple voices, as various characters are talking, one of them with an Australian accent!) go to:

In addition to the readings from the novel, the broadcast also includes a discussion about when it’s appropriate to “come out” as an atheist, when you’ll live longer by keeping your mouth shut.
Me at a Live Book Reading
Of course for this show devoted to atheism, I only read two selections dealing with that topic (as my hero makes an ass of himself on national TV), but the novel itself is really a thriller, and has much excitement and dangerous situations in it (it begins with a terrorist attack on a football stadium—see the excerpts reprinted in “Related Posts” below).
Now if you want the whole thing, just visit Amazon, type in “Imaginary Friend Whaley” and the book is yours.  If you have an e-reader you can be reading the book in minutes.
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