One Million Pageviews for My Blog Has Been Reached This Week!

In November of 2009 I had a heart transplant and (as is required by law whenever anyone has a major event of this magnitude) I started writing a blog the following month.  Now, ten years later, my blog has reached the milestone of having attracted over one million pageviews in that period.  I am very pleased with that.

My blog posts are all little essays on varied topics from personal stories to advice/lectures/warnings on a multitude of things.  The blog has attracted fans all over the globe, totaling to over 170 different countries.  The emails I get and/or the comments appended to the various posts are fascinating.  They run from praise to condemnation, corrections, suggestions on new things to address, and occasional stories that tell me how the posts affected lives.  Of course I’ve written posts about the history of this blog in the past:

 The Second Anniversary of This Blog: Greetings to the Planet Earth,” December 17, 2011;

“Today My Blog Had Its 300,000th Hit, For Which I Am So Grateful,” October 31, 2014;

“My Blog Hits 500,000 Views!” May 2, 2016;

I will have much more to say about my heart transplant next month when the tenth anniversary rolls around on Saturday, November 23rd; for now the curious might look at "About That Heart Transplant," January 24, 2010;

I’ve compiled a “Guide to the Best of My Blog” [], and, out of the 359 blog posts I've published, immediately below I list the ones that have proven most popular through the years:

“Homosexuality: The Iceberg Theory,” April 25, 2010;

The Magic and Power of a Wink,” August 24, 2011;

“Questions To Ask a Homophobe,” January 4, 2017;

“Urban Meyer and the Christian Buckeye Football Team,” February 19, 2012,

“If Humans Are Descended From Apes Why Are There Still Apes?” January 27, 2014;

“Stepping on Cats,” February 8, 2012; 

“Mama Cat Saves My Life,” October 23, 2011; 

“Seducing Straight Men,” March 3, 2011;

“How To Take a Law School Exam,” November 30, 2012;

“Mortgage Foreclosures, Missing Promissory Notes, and the Uniform Commercial Code: A New Article,” February 11, 2013;

“How To Write an Effective Legal Threat Letter,” October 19, 2011;

“How To Respond to a Legal Threat.” March 29, 2014;

“The Payment-In-Full Check: A Powerful Legal Maneuver,” April 11, 2011;

"The Left-Brain/Right-Brain Life," January 17, 2011;

                  I am so very grateful to those who read my blog.  Many thanks to you all.

                                                             Douglas Whaley


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