The Sad History of the 2020 Election and Swearing in of the New President in 2021 (A Maybe-Not-So-Far-Fetched Fable of the Future)

In the first three months of 2020 the presidential race narrowed down to President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden, and polls seemed pretty close as March began.  But then, of course, the coronavirus erupted overseas and quickly spread across the globe and that changed everything, including the race.

As the world locked down and people were confined to their homes while civilization collapsed around them, things began to look pretty bleak on many levels: health, economics, access to services, basic survival, and so much more.Death tolls rose dramatically and the victims were often the elderly and/or those with pre-existing health problems.I myself was particularly worried since I turned 77 in 2020 and, having had a heart transplant eleven years ago, took daily medication to lower my immune system so it wouldn’t reject that heart.

Predictably Trump, handling the virus crisis in his usual bumbling fashion (going from “it’s a hoax” to “I always said it was a pandemic…

What My Knees Have in Connection with Bernie Sanders' Candidacy

I retired from fulltime teaching in 2004 right before I turned 60, and since then I’ve taught, typically, one law school course a year.  I have seven textbooks that I need to keep up to date (and co-authors now on all of them, which was not true in the beginning), and it helps to teach from these books and see what changes time commands. 

But last year and this I’ve taught two courses in the spring semester, which is a full load for a faculty member, and I am now 76 years old.What was easy 50 years ago (when, of course, I was 26 and first started teaching law) is now problematic.Last spring the two courses were spread over four days, but this year they are both on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, one at 10:30 in the morning for 50 minutes and the other (by coincidence in the same classroom) at 1:30 in the afternoon.My office is on the third floor, the classroom on the second, and the elevator is on the opposite end of the large law school building.Since I enter the school on the side …

Another New Play of Mine Will Be Professionally Produced in April

My play “The Turkey Men” (see Related Posts below) was a surprising success in the professional production it was given at Evolution Theatre here in Columbus this past October, selling more tickets than any play had ever done at Evolution (though four musicals had outsold it).  Recently “The Turkey Men” was nominated for a Theatre Roundtable Award as Best Play of the Year here in Columbus, and it is now being considered for performance in other cities.  Since it was the first play I’ve ever written I assumed it was once-off event in my life, but that has proven wrong.

Evolution, which is the Columbus LGBTQ+ theater, announced that its 2020 season would begin with a Local Playwrights Festival of short plays, and submissions for a gay plays with governmental or political content were invited by January 1, 2020.The plays were to be one act in length, with four of them then to be chosen for performance.Mark Phillips Schwamberger, the Artistic Director of Evolution (and the power that kee…

Everyone Should Read Anonymous’s “A Warning”—An Insider’s Look at Trump’s White House

“A Warning,” is a best-selling book is written by an anonymous member of Trump’s inner circle, and all Americans should read it.The author particularly aims the book at fellow Republicans and asks them to look at it carefully.I want to second that.

Anonymous, who recently promised on Reddit to reveal his/her identity soon, has been one of the members of the Trump White house since the 2016 election.He/she wrote an anonymous op-ed article for The New York Times editorial page in September of last year.It was entitled "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” and said that while Trump himself is out of control there are members of his administration working hard to restrain his worst impulses and keep the country from disaster.It finished by comforting readers with the thought that “adults are in the room.”The article made Trump furious, demanding the name of the author from The New York Times, which refused to cooperate.

In this new book Anonymous retracts th…