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My Sad Tale of Being a Chicago Cubs Fan


The Joy of Writing This Blog

I had a heart transplant right before Thanksgiving in 2009 [see], and, as required by law whenever anyone has had such a life-altering experience, I promptly started a blog.In the beginning I published two or more posts a week, but that was easy to do then because I had lots of topics at my disposal.I’ve been given an interesting life (law professor, gay rights activist, former Catholic but now atheist, four long term relationships with both men and a woman (two of them marriages), father, owner of pets, novelist, tournament bridge player, and much more, and these things were the fodder for those posts. But as the years went on I’ve mostly exhausted the stories from my earlier life and discussions of the philosophy by which I live, and the postings have trailed off in number quite a bit. In recent years I’ve averaged two posts a month, the decline being not one of interest but of wanting to make sure that the …