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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Best Posts From My Blog

I have just finished updating the post that I created April 29, 2013, entitled “A Guide to the Best of My Blog”;  I had been neglecting it and consequently it was quite out-of-date.  Now I’ve reorganized it and, most importantly, put in links to all of the entries, making it easier to navigate the posts through the years (the blog started in late December of 2009 with a scary post called “Dog Meat” []).  I still need to add links to the ending of some of the individual posts and cleanup some duplications, all of which should happen in the next week, but for now the Guide is in much better shape. Here are a list of the topics with my favorite post from each as a tease (and it was hard to make these choices):

1.  The Heart Transplant and Other Medical Matters

“Mama Cat Saves My Life,” October 23, 2011; 

2.  Gay Issues

“How I Lost a Gay Marriage Debate,” April 29, 2010;

3.  Atheism, Skepticism, and Religious Matters

“An Atheist Interviews God,” May 20, 2010;

4.  My Own History

“Some Lottery Winners Score $400 Million”—An April Fool’s Day Joke," April 11, 2014;

5.  Family Stories

“My Competitive Parents,” January 20, 2010,

6.  Cats and Other Animals

"Teaching Cats the Rules of the House," July 16, 2013;

7.  Law and Stories About the Law

"Funny Law Professors," January 15, 2012;   

8.  My Philosophy of Life

9.  Sex and Sensuality

“Good Sex, Bad Sex: Advice on Making Love,” November 9, 2011;

10.  My Novels and Other Works

The Evil Big Birthday Song November 5, 2010;

11.  On the Stage

“My Husband, the Actor,” May 31, 2014;

 12.  Gambling

"Far Too High in Las Vegas," September 1, 2010;   

13.  My Ex-Wife Charleyne

"Charleyne and the Giant Cookie," September 16, 2010;

14.  Politics

“Ohio To Put Guns in Baby Strollers,” June 17, 2012;

15.  Odds and Ends

“I Hate Meetings,” October 31, 2011;

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