Two Men Kiss in Public and 103 People Are Shot as Punishment

In the early evening of November 18, 1980, Ronald Crumply, once a policeman, went to Greenwich Village in New York City—very well armed.  When he got just outside the Ramrod Bar (popular with gays) he used his Uzi to start spraying bullets, killing two gay men (the Ramrod doorman, a church organist from Minnesota) and wounding six others, one of whom later died from his injuries.  Crumply claimed that gays were “agents of the devil . . . trying to steal my soul just by looking at me.”  He was subsequently judged insane and was still in a psychiatric facility as late as 2001, when I lost track of him.  Spookily, I’d been in that very bar a week before this happened, and was probably too much disturbed by the event.  When the shooting was discussed at a New York City public meeting a short time later, two orthodox Jews in the audience began loudly applauding the gunman before being silenced by the shocked people around them.  Crumply himself was a Christian, using the bible as his justification for his massacre. 

Now it’s the turn of the Muslims to bring their hatred of gays to the United States.  As I’ve described before [see “Atheists and Gays In Islamic Countries: Ugly Deaths,” June 18, 2015;], in other countries the more radical members of this ancient religion have been tossing suspected homosexuals, blindfolded and much beaten, off medium height buildings to a waiting crowd below, who (men, women, and even children) joyfully kicked the fallen body until no life can be detected.  Think about that experience from the victim’s point of view for a few seconds and then swallow hard. 

On June 12th of this year a recruit to ISIS took an automatic weapon into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida (self-described as "Orlando's hottest gay bar") and opened fire on the crowd in the early hours of the morning, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others with a spray of bullets that loosed a hundred or more rounds.  The killer, who died when police crashed an armored vehicle into the Pulse and took him down, had told his father he was lately sickened by the sight of two gay men kissing in public.  Though it seems he’d previously thought of using his Sig Sauer MCV rifle at Disney World (also in Orlando), the gays seemed a more obvious target.

Imagine how terrifying all these deaths are!  One minute you’re a productive member of society and the next you’re being gunned down or trying to find flooring where there’s only air.  If a gay man or lesbian is having a drink in a gay bar, for them this is a safe place.  Here, among people like themselves they are reassured that “I won’t be judged on anything other than the usual straight issues: am I attractive, or fun, or interesting, or mysterious?”  Those are “big” problems, they imagine—hell, all people imagine—but then there’s the sudden unexplained commotion, the “what the fuck was that?” noise, and—like a lightning strike—come bullets all around, striking here, striking there, 
striking you.

Inevitably, in the 21st century there is even a “KILL THE FAGGOT” video game:  I was interviewed by Columbus, Ohio’s Channel 10 about all this yesterday; for the evening newscast, which included interviews with two of my friends combined with mine, see

Liberal members of the common religions are rightly horrified.  But how many liberal members of these religions are there?  Hmm . . . are liberals a controlling power in any of them?  Want to hear a scary question?  If every person on the planet could—in secret—push a button and wipe out the gay population of the Earth, what would you bet but that one tenth of our people (alas, including me) would vanish neatly just as the computer finished tabulating the votes?  Hell, it wouldn’t even be close.

 But . . .

What most people—all over the globe—don’t understand is that those damn gays and their perverted lifestyle would be right back twenty years later as soon as a new generation matured.


Well, push the button again?  Or . . . um . . . eh . . . now do what?

It’s not taught!  It’s inherited.  It’s natural.  Yes, it reproduces itself.  It’s part of the fabric of life.  Wiping out the current left-handed people on the planet wouldn’t mean there won’t be any
left-handed people twenty years from now.  Wake up!

Gays have been part of the human experience since our species emerged from the caves.  All studies and histories that look at this with unblinkered eyes agree.  I’ve written blog post after blog post about this.  No one can change gays into straights.  No one can pray them away, wish them away, counsel them away, nor does it help to close your eyes and put fingers in your ears and sing “La, la , la, la, la.”

You can’t shoot them away either. 

You can only learn to live with them.

Try that.


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