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The Flag Counter (first posted on January 12, 2010) turned out to be very inaccurate, undercounting steadily, and not displaying flags from countries that did visit the site. On August 20, 2010, I added a new StatCounter, which also tracks visitors (including their city and country, and itself has flag replicas). Its use demonstrated that Flag Counter was missing huge numbers of visitors each day! According to StatCounter I have around 700 new visitors each month. At that rate the real count at the end of October, 2010 should have been something like 7000, but Flag Counter hadn't yet reached 2000 at that point (and doesn't even have the flags counted correctly on its own chart, listing twelve on the chart, but if you click on the chart for more information, it then lists thirteen). As of October 31, 2010, 56 countries have visited the blog! That amazes me! Nepal? I only vaguely believe Nepal exists, much less that someone in Katmandu is reading my blog! I didn't begin counting visitors until mid-January, 2010, and since I sent out a major email when I first started the blog in December of 2009, there have to be 200 or more early visitors who went completely uncounted. For a discussion of why counting flags is important, see "Hans and the Flag Counter," July 5, 2010, and if you like, help him out with his quest. For a rough (and probably low) count of the visitors to the blog, click on "View My Stats" (top of each blog page) and then add 3000 to the number displayed. To see the countries or cities, click on the "Countries, States, Cities" tab in the column on the left. I wrote two emails to Flag Counter complaining about all this, but, annoyingly, never received a reply.


  1. What a time you've had. I have great admiration for people who donate the organs of a family member who has just died. May your new heart serve you well.
    Glad to see the updates on Clayton. I can't believe someone I babysat is 37 years old. It means I must be quite a bit older.


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